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Using bronze, wood, horn, bone and other organic elements, McGill makes sculptures that bring together a disparate mix of myth, motif and metaphor to provide new and powerful meanings. McGill’s sources are eclectic; C18th childhood toys, old tools, early medical models carved from semi precious materials that open up to reveal inner worlds, ancient weapons, such as those of Celtic warriors that were de-tempered and folded to mark the death of their owners, all provide the original source for works. Along with this is McGill’s assertion that his ideas also come from “searching art history’s rubbish tips for abandoned ideas.”

McGill addresses powerful themes: the anxiety of motherhood, pregnancy and birth, sexual conquest and death are all confronted. In this world meaning shifts and mutates – wheels can be at once lunar and foetal and organic forms can encompass human desires and fears.


The Berern
Comberton Road
CB23 2RY

+44 (0)1223 262 024